Carpet Cleaning: Here Is Why It Is Important For Your Health

Carpet Cleaning: Here Is Why It Is Important For Your Health

Carpet cleaning is important for your home’s overall health. Learn about the types of carpet that are best for your home, what cleaning methods to use, and how to maintain your carpet clean.


How Dirt Can Make You Sick


There is a lot of debate on whether or not carpet cleaning is actually necessary. However, the health benefits of carpet cleaning are undeniable. Carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other allergens that can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that people with asthma take special precautions when cleaning their homes, including avoiding dust mites and woodsmoke. In addition to the respiratory benefits, carpet cleaning has also been shown to improve air quality and reduce allergies in children.


A Clean Carpet Is a Healthier Home


We all know that a clean home is a happier home, right? And what could be more happy than a healthy family living in a clean home? Carpet cleaning is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home healthier and happier. Here are just some of the health benefits of having a clean carpet:


A clean carpet reduces allergies and asthma symptoms. Dust mites are known to be the culprits behind these conditions, as they are responsible for releasing allergen chemicals into the air. A clean carpet will help to eliminate these allergens and reduce your symptoms.


A clean carpet helps to improve breathing. Dust and other pollutants can accumulate on carpets, which can obstruct air flow and lead to respiratory problems. Regular Carpet Cleaning Eltham can help keep your family breathing easier.


A clean carpet protects your furniture. Dust, hair, and other contaminants can accumulate on furniture over time, making them less comfortable to sit on or use. Regular carpet cleaning will help to keep your furniture looking and feeling its best.


Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important


Carpet cleaning is one of the most important services you can offer your home. Not only does it keep your floors clean and free from dirt, dust, and allergens, but it’s also a great way to improve your health. Here are four reasons why professional carpet care is crucial for your health:


  1. Dust mites are attracted to dirty surfaces. Dirty carpets provide ideal conditions for dust mites to thrive and multiply. A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that people with asthma were more likely to suffer from dust mite asthma if their homes had low levels of carpet dust. Dust mites are tiny creatures that feed on human skin cells, so having a lot of them in your home can lead to serious health problems.


  1. Carpet cleaning removes toxins and pollutants from the air. When you vacuum or sweep up dirt and debris from your carpets, you’re actually picking up dangerous chemicals and particles that can cause respiratory problems. Carpet cleaners use high-pressure water jets and special brushes to clean deep into the fibers of the carpet, which helps to remove all of these harmful substances.


  1. Regular carpet cleaning can prevent injuries from falling objects. When your carpet gets dirty, it becomes slippery and dangerous. In the winter, when leaves and ice build up, it can even be hazardous to walk on icy rugs or hardwood flooring. Rugs are a common type of flooring in our homes, but they can be really expensive. If you want to save money on replacing those rugs after they get ruined by spills and falls, regularly cleaning them will keep your floors safer.


  1. Regular vacuuming helps prevent allergies in your home. If you have asthma or another chronic respiratory disease, dust mites and other allergens that accumulate on carpets can trigger symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath.


What to Do When the Company You Hire Disagrees with Your Choice of Chemicals and Methods


When you are considering who to hire to clean your carpets, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 


  1. Carpet cleaning can play an important role in your health. One of the most significant benefits of carpet cleaning is that it can help reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your home. Carpet Cleaning Clapham also helps to remove bacteria and other allergens that can cause respiratory problems.


  1. Choose a reputable carpet cleaning company. Make sure to ask around and research which companies are known for providing high-quality carpet cleaning services. Avoid companies that have had complaints filed against them or that use harsh chemicals or unsanitary methods.


  1. Let the company you choose know what type of carpeting you have. Many carpet cleaners will be able to customize their treatment based on the type of carpeting in your home.


  1. Be prepared to give the company access to all areas of your home. This includes flooring, furniture, and any walls that may contain carpets or drapes.


  1. Allow the company to complete the job exactly as they have described it on the contract or estimate sheet. Do not change anything without first getting written permission from the cleaner.




Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home clean and healthy, not only because it removes dirt, dust, and allergens but also because it helps to reduce the amount of bacteria that grows in your home. Not only does this increase the health of you and your family, but it can also help to prevent allergies and asthma symptoms. If you’re looking for a professional Carpet Cleaning Orpington service that will leave your carpets looking and smelling like new, be sure to check out our selection.


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