Colored Diamonds vs. Enhanced Diamonds.

Colored Diamonds vs. Enhanced Diamonds.

Diamond is being sold regarding mind-blowing prices on natural color. It is vital to technologies were developed, allowing us to create diamonds of any color, either completely artificial understand the difference between a natural diamond and an enhanced diamond. Different or partly artificial, from natural diamonds whose color is unattractive, like yellowish or brownish.

Natural colored diamond is distinctive. It is a product of nature resulting from millions of years of processes under the earth’s crust. The diamond color is the product of possibilities, and two colors cannot be identical. It’s this rareness that makes it unique and that gives them all a whopping value. check here natural colored diamonds in round cut shape.

The comparison between colored diamonds and color-enhanced diamonds is because they are two different things. They both operate on two distinct color diamonds value and hence valuation markets. There is no comparison between intrinsic value and the price of each of the two diamonds.

What are Colored Diamonds?

They are naturally in all rainbow colors ranging from vibrant red, pink, and orange to brilliant blue, green, violet, and muted yellow-brown, gray, and even black. Many people who are aware of colored diamonds mistakenly believe them to be treated or synthetically colored stones.

Formation of Colored Diamonds.

The colored diamond formation process is quite similar to that of white diamond. Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that are transferred by extremely high temperatures and tremendous pressure into a crystalline structure.

The transformation occurred in the Earth mantles 150kilometres below the surface due to a geological process that lasted millions of years ago. As they are composed of the same element and transformed by the same process, colored and colorless diamonds have the same material properties, making them the hardest natural material on earth. The rarest color of the diamond is red. This is the most expensive colored diamond worldwide.

What are Enhanced Diamonds?

Enhanced diamonds they are very low color diamond which undergoes specific treatment for improving either clarity or color. The treatment aims to reduce the appearance of inclusion or improve the color. They differ from a colored diamond which is left natural, and they don’t go through the treatment process.

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Method of Diamond Enhancement.

Fracture Filling.

This is the process of injecting a glass-like resin into the diamond. The resin flows into the gaps filling and sealing small cracks. The process makes diamond fractures invisible to the human eye. Fracture filling can lead to cracks and feathers disappearing as if by magic. The process also makes the diamond partly natural; and partly plastic.

Laser Drilling.

It uses heat or injects chemicals into the diamond to make its discolorations and flaws less visible. It results in very thin white lines or tunnels that do not follow the diamond’s natural growth pattern. Frequently, diamond is the first laser drilled and then fracture-filled. Laser drilling can bleach black or colored inclusion and turn a mottled diamond white again.

What are Advantage and Disadvantage of Color Diamond and Enhanced Diamond.

It is important to note that colored diamond is a work of art, painting by mother nature and the magnitude of God, while enhanced diamonds are only a light imitation; they are created by thousands and sold at a low cost compared to natural-colored diamonds. Enhanced diamond is a duplicate of the natural-colored diamond. They both have their markets and preferences for different clients. Some customers prefer purchasing the enhanced diamond since it is quite affordable and accessible compared to colored diamond, which is expensive and rarely exists. Colored diamonds are rare; few percentages of individuals can make and manage to purchase a natural colored diamond.

Improved appearance is also another advantage of enhanced diamonds over colored diamonds. Clarity enhancing technique can filter some prominently located flaws and turn a stone with one or more visible inclusions into an eye-clean diamond. Coupled with the bargain prices, such stones are usually sold at this improvement in appearance can be pretty good value. One problem with diamonds enhanced through laser drilling is that the tunnels created in the stone can undermine its durability. This is usually not a problem with diamonds that have had only a few inclusions removed. However, low-clarity diamonds that have had numerous and big inclusions cleared off through laser drilling can end up with many tunnels, which could weaken the structure of such stones.

Enhanced diamond rea temporary, the fracture filling is not permanent. The diamond that has been laser-drilled and whose channels have been filled with a transparent substance should not be subjected to high temperatures or ultrasonic cleaning. Doing this will definitely lead to the destruction of crystal filled. The brilliance of the color of a fractured diamond may be destroyed. The glass-like filling has refractive properties that are different from those of diamond, and filled tubes reflect light differently, creating an odd optical effect.

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