This Is What You Should Be Using To Remove Your Makeup

Up until a couple of years ago, I relied almost entirely on disposable makeup remover wipes to take off my stubborn eye makeup every night. But the more of those disposable wipes I burned through, the more I was sure there had to be a less wasteful way to do it (and less expensive too!)


My search for a solution resulted in a truly game-changing discovery for me—the existence of reusable makeup remover cloths! I’ve since become such a fan of makeup remover cloths that I even created my own set to carry in my shop. 


So today I thought I’d share some of the best things about makeup remover cloths, including how they work, what advantages they offer over other methods of makeup removal, plus some tips and tricks for incorporating them into your routine! 

What Is A Makeup Remover Cloth, And How Does It Work?

A makeup remover cloth is a cloth you can use to gently remove your makeup, then wash and reuse. While any type of cloth could theoretically qualify as a makeup remover cloth, microfiber cloths are particularly well suited to the task for several reasons:

  • They’re soft. This almost goes without saying, but you don’t want to scrub just any old cloth over your sensitive facial skin! The softer, the better.
  • They’re gentle. All those tiny fibers help lift away more makeup, so you can use less pressure and be kinder to your skin.
  • They’re thorough. Another benefit of those tiny microfibers is that they can reach into all the nooks and crannies in your skin for a more thorough cleansing.
  • They’re “magnetic.” All those fibers act like magnets, grabbing onto makeup particles and locking them away rather than pushing them around on your skin.

So now that you have a better idea of how makeup remover cloths work, you might be asking, “But Jillee, why should I give up my current makeup removal method?” And to that, I would respond, “Here are 4 perfectly good reasons why should consider adopting makeup removal cloth set!” 😉

4 Good Reasons To Start Using A Makeup Remover Cloth

You’ll Save Money

The most obvious benefit of a makeup remove cloth is that you can wash and reuse it hundreds of times! So while investing in a set of makeup remover cloths may cost a few more dollars than a package of disposable wipes, you’ll make that money back in savings (and then some!)

Customize Your Routine

There are a few different ways to incorporate makeup remover cloths into your routine depending on your personal preferences and skincare needs. Some people use them to remove their makeup and then wash their face with a cleanser afterward, while others rely on the cloth alone for cleansing.

Added Exfoliation

Switching to a makeup remover cloth will add gentle exfoliation to your skincare routine. Exfoliation helps to buff away dead skin cells and reveal softer, smoother skin underneath. Your skin will be glowing in no time!

It’s Quick And Easy

You know those nights when you want nothing more than to just crawl into bed as quickly as possible? Makeup remover cloths make taking your makeup off as quick and easy as it gets! Just wet the cloth, swipe off your makeup, and you’ll be ready for your beauty sleep.


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